I'm a recent Computer Science graduate, a successful entrepreneur, and a full-stack developer with 3+ years experience building websites for small businesses and non-profits. I am passionate about computer science, challenged by the competitive nature of business, and driven by a deep desire to make a difference in this world. I am looking to opportunities to work with a company that is passionate about providing their customers with exceptional products and services.


Java 5
Data Structures 4
Bootstrap 4
Javascript 3.5
C 3.5
Python 3.5
Linux 3.5
PHP 3.5
AngularJS 2
Nginx 4
Apache 4

Relevant Work Experience

  • Vintage Showcase

    An online retailer that sells historical photographs and vintage prints.


    • Sales
    • Marketing/Advertising
    • SEO
    • Writing Copy
    • Customer Service
    • Bookkeeping

    OpenDNS - now part of Cisco

    They launched a DNS based web filtering service in 2007 and relied upon volunteers to submit and tag domains.

    Responsibilities / Contributions:

    • Submitted and tagged nearly 1 million domains
    • Approved thousands of user tagged domains

    Media Temple (mt)

    I began as a volunteer forum moderator and soon after was offered a contract position.


    • Moderated forums
    • Forward relevant issues to appropriate teams within the company
    • Assisted customers with technical problems outside Media Temple's scope of support
    • Provided feedback on customer tools such as the account center.

    Freelance Work

    For approximately 5 years I did freelance work on a part-time basis and built about 30 websites.

    Technology Used:

    • PHP
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SQL
    • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Drupal
    • Silverstripe
    • Textpattern
    • Linux
    • Apache
    • Nginx
    • DNS
    • SCRUM

    Here's a few older websites I built:

Projects / Portfolio

  • Tetris

    A Tetris clone created with Java using Swing for the GUI.

  • Power Paint

    A simple Java based Microsoft Paint type drawing program. Users can draw shapes or freehand with any color.

  • Book Scanner

    Uses Amazon's advertising API to lookup books by ISBN and displays statistics such as sales rank, high/low used prices, and new prices.

  • Jumpster.org/wapac/

    I created the website and registration system. Created with PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript.

  • QualityWorksheets.org

    A website that provides free worksheets. The vaast majority of worksheets were created with PHP, CSS, and HTML. They were then exported to PDF files for easy downloading

  • hymns.athleo.net

    This website is interesting because of how it was created. I used only bash scripts with XML-UTILS to scrape the lyrics of public domain songs from websites, strip the html, and build new html files.

  • Get In My head

    This Android app was designed to help with memorization of large passages of text. It works by importing plain text and then using a slider to remove characters from the ending of a word until only the first letter is left.

  • Ebay Photo Inverter

    A bookmarklett that will invert the preview photos on eBay listing when a seller provides only a negative scan.

  • Itunes Podcast Linker

    This bookmarklett replaces the link to open a podcast in iTunes with a direct link to the podcast's mp3

  • Photo Filters

    I created a few photo filter using C that applies a Sepia tone, black/White, and a mirror effect.